Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, who did Negan choose?
     While no one at the convention would let the answer slip, we were told that the season premiere will be swarming with sorrow and suspense unlike any other episode of the Walking Dead, by the legendry Lennie James. He recommended that we all watch the opener with family or friends because we will definitely need a shoulder to cry on and someone to listen to us as we all blubber like babies as we watch whose fate will be sealed as Lucille and her barbs bash the brains out of one (or two) of our beloved characters skulls.
Scared yet?
     The Philadelphia convention was defiantly more organized than last year. The vendors were spectacular, and the guests were not only gracious and welcoming. Meeting Norman Reedus was the highlight of the weekend. He was extremely kind, and smelled fantastic. I was the only person calling him Skud from which he starred as Skud from Blade 2. As we waited in line to meet him I have never been that excited, I was bouncing with joy. Robin Lord Taylor was also a delight. He took pictures with all of us in a group and separate individual pictures without us even asking. Michael Cudlitz is actually smaller than you would expect, as he seems to be a huge muscle head solider in the Walking Dead. Michael had stacks of canned goods and Bisquick mix ready to donate to a local charity, which he does in every city he visits. Josh McDermott was a delight as usual, the mullet being still present. Lennie James took his time with all of us, we met up with Normi from Knuckleballer radio, so there was a lot of us. I told him how much I loved him in Hung, a show that he costarred in with Thomas Jane. He told us stories about how he auditioned for that role and how different auditions are in England compared to America. He played an awesome pimp in Hung, check it out if you haven’t already. And last but not least Michael Rooker. We got a chance to talk to him about Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and his part in the Call of Duty game which he was very knowledgeable about. His panel was also the best of the weekend. He told stories of shooting guns and drinking beer, and when asked about what he was hiding behind his sunglasses he said “my eyeballs.” He also walked up and down the rows the guests were seated in and answered questions face to face.
     One thing I always enjoy about the WSC conventions are the huge variety of artists and authors. From splatter art, jewelry, purses, custom apparel, and books, you never run out of things to look at or buy. This year they added Infusion Tattoos, which are real tattoos. The owner was very nice and the prices didn’t seem too steep. They also had the Walking Dead Experience available this year and many slides and activities for young kids. I was disappointed that Elvira played by Cassandra Peterson backed out of the convention last minute and that Lew Temple didn’t make an appearance this year but nonetheless we had a fantastic time and created some wonderful memories for a life time with co podcasters, new friends, and family. Thank you so much WSC for having the XD Experience come and not only cover the convention but to enjoy ourselves and have the chance to be total fangirls and fanboys.
Until next year

Peace out brussel sprouts (trademark Gidget)
Die in a fire ( Mike)