Walker Stalker Con New Jersey

Negans ass was front and center (figuratively, of course) at this years WSCNJ. "Thanks Craig" was the motto of Jeffery Dean Morgans panel after he was told that "the internet" had a huge issue with his flat butt when he was first introduced to the series as the charismatic villian Negan and his hard hitting lady Lucille. Jeffery was quick to defend his buns by letting every know that Andrew Lincoln also does not have an ass. Beyond that his panel was absolutly fantastic and heart felt. The weekend also showed the martial arts skills of Michael Rooker with hilarious physical demostrations with the hosts of Fueled by Death Cast podcast. For the more intimate panels hosted by Dave Solo the audiance was treated to fake spoilers from Steve Ogg and Austin Amelio where UFO's and the Cartel make an appearance in this years midseason finale. As well as Tom Payne discussing Jesus's future romantic relationships in which his charcters desicion to not kill the saviors may have been that Jesus saw a fella in the group he could possibly see himself with. One thing that was clear during the convention that Chandler Riggs did not have his signature flowing locks out and about. Instead he had what he told me was a mullet tucked away in a hat, which lead me to believe that the fate of his character may not be as secure as we had once thought. WSC is one of those conventions where the fans feel like family and get to connect with people that we invest our time into. To check out some videos of the con visit our Facebook and Instagram page as well as one our youtube channels (Rebecca Caldwell https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe-dwjvxlbrtGiMIHmltqAA )

Rebecca (Gidget Lynn) Caldwell