The Hosts

History & Beyond

As brother and sister Mike and Gidget have always gravitated toward all things unearthly and mysterious. The XD was not pre-planned it was born of blood and grew beneath the shadows.

Hey Everyone Mike here, and lets just say I've never been your typical conventional person. I've always believed in conspiracies, UFO's, Aliens, cyrptids, zombies and anything paranormal. I am 33 years old, married to a wonderful woman, and the proud father of three awesome kids. All of whom accept and love my "werid" tendencies. Ive also been a podcaster for 3 years.

The name is Gidget Lynn. I am an aspiring special effects artist and writer. Growing up watching Unsolved Mysteries and the X-Files, I found myself being obsessed with cemeteries and was fasincated by all things supernatual and unexplained. My brain has been marinating in strange and eerie knowledge ever since.